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Southern Farmers Market Cookbook - Holly Herrick

Ever visit your local farmer's market and find yourself loaded up with an abundance of fresh, yummy, locally grown fruits and veggies, and then find yourself back home looking at it all on your counter top and saying to yourself "Now what?, now that I have all of this yummy goodness setting here, what can I make with all of it?". . . This is a book that you'll find yourself turning to time and time again after your weekend visits to your local farmers market. No more of the "What shall I make with this?" game. Now you'll have the answer with more than 75 seasonal recipes to help you along the way. As we say in the South "Ya'll eat up now!" (Tina Wilson Small Town Living )

As fresh as a basket of just-picked produce-and every bit as appealing-Holly Herrick's Southern Farmers Market Cookbook sprouts in bookstores this month. Chock full of colorful recipes, it's the perfect helpmate for at-home cooks looking to make the most of the Lowcountry's bountiful harvest.
(Charleston Magazine )

Between farmers and the public, "The link is there, the bond is forged," she says.

"I think it's always been in the South, but, like everywhere, I think for a while we got away from it because so much of our food was packaged, which became a convenient way to shop. Because farmers markets are becoming more prevalent and because people are becoming more aware of why it's important to shop local and seasonal, they're kind of feeding upon each other. I think it's really exciting."
(The Post and Courier )

"Holly Herrick dedicates her new cookbook to those who 'nurture, cultivate , and bring forth the priceless gems of the seasons. She aptly pays special tribute to small farmers of the South, 'who achieve all of this with the added burden of a scorching summer sun.'...."Local, fresh and organic are trendy buzzwords, but they're really nothing new, Holly points out. "Our ancestors ate whatever they could catch that day or pick from the field."
(Pat Wilens Southern Living, People & Places )
Product Description
SOUTHERN FARMERS MARKET COOKBOOK features 75 recipes and products grown in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee, but many of the same foods can be purchased locally in most areas of the country.
Butter Bean and Grape Tomato Bruschetta
Fresh Sweet Onion and Corn Chowder
Wild Honey-Glazed Carrots with Mint and Green Onions
Braised Figs and Shallots in a Honey-Red Wine Sauce
Wine-Poached Salmon with Cucumber Crudité Sauce
Roasted Garlic Fresh Spaghetti with English Peas and Leeks in a Cream Sauce
Warm Wild Cherry Carolina Gold Rice Pudding
Blues-Busting Blueberry Ice Cream

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