zaterdag 23 november 2013

The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success - Wayne Breitbarth (Boek) 

2nd Edition of the world's most popular LinkedIn book
Completely updated, expanded, and supplemented with 10 valuable new resources

Tens of thousands have used Wayne Breitbarth's LinkedIn secrets to harness the power of LinkedIn. They've learned how to find (and be found by) the right people. This has resulted in lucrative new customers, great new jobs, and, of course--more income.

And most people have only scratched the surface of LinkedIn's potential.

In this updated and expanded 2nd Edition of his bestselling book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, Breitbarth includes LinkedIn's newest features and shares strategies for capitalizing on them.

And if you think you're at a social-media disadvantage because you entered the business world before the rise of Facebook, this seasoned businessman shows you how just the opposite is true. Your experience and business network actually give you a leg up in harnessing the benefits of LinkedIn.

As an added bonus, Breitbarth includes a 6-week, 2-hour-per-week startup plan and weekly maintenance plan that will motivate you to make the most of your time on LinkedIn.

Whether you are an entry-level professional, a CEO, or anywhere in between, you can benefit from this practical introduction to a powerful networking tool.

I know of no one who knows how to use LinkedIn better than Wayne Breitbarth.
-Robert Grede, Best-selling author of Naked Marketing - The Bare Essentials and The Spur & The Sash--a novel
From the Author
As a reformed LinkedIn skeptic, I can understand why you might not have gotten on the LinkedIn bandwagon: not enough time, don't see the value, not looking for a job.

But I'm here to tell you there are over 200 million people around the world who are using LinkedIn, and that's just too big a market to ignore!

Every day individuals and companies are using LinkedIn to quickly and easily:
Find prospects that lead to sales
Increase their visibility in the marketplace
Gain a competitive advantage
Uncover insider information about their prospects
Drive traffic to their website
The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success is your step-by-step guide to capitalizing on all this potential. I take a very practical approach and share lots of specific examples, stories, and illustrations that are the direct result of my thirty years of experience in business consulting and business ownership--and I skip the technical jargon and gobbledygook. Why not give it a try. It's an easy read. Someone told me he read the whole thing between Chicago and Miami!

Note: Like most Internet resources, LinkedIn is constantly changing. Stay up to date on the latest LinkedIn features and strategies by visiting my website at, where you can download free resources and sign up to receive my weekly Linkedin tips.
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