vrijdag 29 november 2013

Tim Walker Pictures

By Kay Dennis Robinson (Irvine, California) - See all my reviews

Tim Walker's pictures/photos are truly amazing. He has been a major contributor for European Vogue and it is a loss that America has not seen his work. I highly recommend this book. It is enchanting!

Really One of the Most beautiful Books I have Ever Seen, January 7, 2009
By Jennifer Ellis (Northern NJ) - See all my reviews

Spectacular photography with original themes. One image is more original and captivating than the last. I will treasure the book for ever and keep it in a prominant place so that I can look at it all the time.

Tim Walker back cover, November 29, 2008
By Olivia Helena F. Sanches - See all my reviews

I dont't know what to do, the book name print came in the back cover and not in the front cover. the editor must know ... What should I do ?



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