vrijdag 29 november 2013

Why the Chinese Don't Count Calories: 15 Secrets from a 3,000-Year-Old Food Culture

"Not just a diet manifesto, this guide to the Chinese way of eating feels more like a chat with an industry insider. Lorriane comes across well read and well informed, offering tips that appear at first common sense, but quickly cause you to reflect on your own eating habits. Her 15 secrets outlined in the book span across any eating culture and she expertly translates Chinese seasonings and dishes into familiar western preparations for those who aren't quite ready to give up their morning coffee and bagel for congee. Yum!" -- Kathy Casey

Product Description
An ancient cuisine reveals secrets that will change the way you eat, feel, and look.

Lorraine Clissold always loved food, but like many Western women her enjoyment was tinged with guilt. She lived in constant fear of piling on the pounds. Then she discovered a nation of people who positively stuffed themselves and never worried about counting calories or getting fat.

During Clissold's ten year journey into the 3,000 year old Chinese food culture, she discovers the 15 secrets that make it possible to enjoy delicious meals three times a day, and keep slim and feel fitter. Why the Chinese Don't Count Calories brings a commonsense approach to eating—one which has worked for billions of people over thousands of years—into American kitchens for the first time.



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