donderdag 28 november 2013

Paramaribo SPAN (NL editie) - Thomas Meijer zu Schlochtern

Hedendaagse kunst in Suriname

Paramaribo SPAN: Contemporary Art in Suriname lets Surinamese artists, ‘Span’ refers in the various languages of Suriname to tension
and excitement, as well as to bridging distances and to those who make up
a team. In a series of interviews, 27 predominantly young visual artists (17
from Suriname and 10 from Rotterdam) speak about their ideas, working
methods and experiences. This creates a picture of the way in which
Surinamese and Dutch artists think about art, the artistic process, their
careers and the similarities and differences between them. Current cultural
and social themes are also discussed, such as the development of the
interior of the country, the vulnerability of the rainforest, the city and the
diverse makeup of the population in Suriname.

The trigger for this richly illustrated publication is the 145th anniversary
of De Surinaamsche Bank. Paramaribo SPAN also signifies the completion
of ArtRoPa, a three-year exchange project for artists in Rotterdam and

With contributions from Chandra van Binnendijk, Chris Cozier, Nicolas Laughlin, Siebe Thissen en Marieke Visser.


As of February 27 2010 an exhibition with the same name will be held on location in the garden and old residence of De Surinaamsche Bank in Paramaribo. This autumn 2010 the exhibition travels to Rotterdam.

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